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FutureCare Nurses – RNs, LPNs, and GNAs

These are our front-line heroes who deliver compassionate care, top-notch service, and vital support for patients on the road to recovery. FutureCare nurses also have access to a strong training and professional development program, including opportunities to practice the complex skills and techniques necessary to gain experience, build confidence, and further their knowledge base. Our nurses thrive in a workplace geared toward education, growth, and professional advancement – one where they feel empowered to understand patient needs and respond with appropriate care.

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RNs and LPNs complete a degree, diploma, or certificate from a program accredited by the Maryland Board of Nursing and pass the NCLEX to be licensed.

GNAs complete a training class (which includes clinical hands-on learning) and pass the Geriatric Nursing Assistant Examination certification exam.